Virat Kohli 28th Test Century: A Glorious Hundred by India’s Cricket Icon and Run-Machine

Virat Kohli

Cricket enthusiasts and fans worldwide know that when the mighty Virat Kohli graces the pitch, something magical is about to unfold. The maestro has lived up to the expectations of fans on countless occasions. Kohli has demonstrated his prowess by smashing glorious centuries that leave spectators in awe.

After a wait of 3 years, 3 months, and 20 days, Kohli finally achieved his 28th Test century. His previous century in the longest format of the game had been scored against Bangladesh at the iconic Eden Gardens in 2019. This time, he reached the milestone on Sunday, March 12, 2023, at Motera, Gujarat.

This blog post will shed light on the latest century from Kohli’s bat, celebrating yet another phenomenal ton by India’s run machine.

The Charge of the Run-Machine

Kohli’s batting had been relatively quiet in the first three Test matches of the 2023 Border-Gavaskar Trophy. However, he found himself in a batting paradise in the second innings of the fourth Test.

As the match unfolded, the crowd sensed something extraordinary in the air. Virat Kohli, at the crease, held his willow with a sense of purpose, ready to wage a battle against the bowlers. The fielding side knew they were up against a relentless run machine capable of turning the tide single-handedly.

By the end of the third day’s play, Kohli was already settled at the crease with 59 runs, while Shubman Gill had been dismissed after scoring 128 runs.

The Journey to Three Figures

India needed to reach a total of 480 runs to capitalise on their advantage, and Kohli’s century on the fourth day helped them achieve that. He struck 15 boundaries, accumulating a total of 186 runs off 364 balls.

With every immaculate cover drive and audacious flick, Virat Kohli laid the foundation for his century. As he approached the milestone, the tension in the stadium palpably increased. The fans’ hearts pounded in anticipation, while the opponents desperately sought to break the mesmerising rhythm of the batting maestro.

As a result, India gained a lead of 91 runs, and the match ultimately ended in a draw, ensuring India’s qualification for the World Test Championship final.

A Century of Grit and Determination

Kohli’s century was not just about masterful strokes; it epitomised grit and determination. The bowlers relentlessly tested him with bouncers, yorkers, and cunning variations, but Kohli’s resolve remained unyielding. He weathered the storm, never compromising on his impeccable technique and unwavering focus.

The Bowling Battery: Knocking Down Barriers

Facing a formidable bowling attack, Virat Kohli meticulously picked his targets and manoeuvred the field with surgical precision. His ability to find gaps and dispatch the ball to the boundary showcased the artistry of his batting.

Respect for the Opposition

While Virat Kohli stamped his authority on the game, he never failed to acknowledge the opposition’s efforts. His sportsmanship and camaraderie shone through as he applauded good deliveries and exchanged words of respect with the fielding side.

A Century of Records

The century not only added to Kohli’s ever-growing tally but also etched his name more profoundly into the record books. With each milestone, Virat Kohli continued to elevate the standards of modern-day batting, becoming a benchmark for aspiring cricketers.

A Century for the Team

Beyond personal glory, Kohli’s century was a testament to his commitment to the Indian cricket team. Virat Kohli knew the weight of expectations upon his shoulders and took pride in shouldering the responsibility of steering the team to victory.


Virat Kohli’s century in the latest match was another glorious chapter in the saga of an extraordinary cricketer. His innate ability to turn adversity into opportunity and his penchant for rewriting records make him a true cricketing legend.

With every run scored, Virat Kohli bolstered India’s cricketing pride and inspired millions of fans worldwide. His centuries are not just runs on the scoreboard; they reflect his passion for the game and the indomitable spirit of a true cricketing icon.

As fans, we can only marvel at the brilliance of this run machine and eagerly await the next innings where Virat Kohli will undoubtedly add more chapters to his remarkable journey.  Here’s to celebrating Virat Kohli, the cricket icon who continues to mesmerise us with his glorious centuries and unwavering commitment to the game we love.